Call Centre Academy will arrange an initial assessment for all applicants interested in embarking on this unique and beneficial career path. This screening process is essential to determine each applicant’s individual strengths and weakness to best equip them with the tools needed to become a valued employee to potential future employers. 

  • Once assessment is done the enrolment process is initiated. An upfront payment is set at R 1 500.00.
  • The trainee is issued with the training material from Module 1-7.
  • The course duration consists of 6 consecutive days in which each module is thoroughly explained. Once these modules have been completed a written test will be issued to each applicant.
  • The course certificate will only be issued to applicant scoring a minimum of 70%.
  • Should you fail a module, you will be allowed to rewrite that specific module at an Additional cost of R200.00 Vat. Incl.
  • You may re-schedule to do the module within 2 weeks of the initial examination date.
  • Should you fail the re-write of a specific module you will be allowed to re-do that specific module at an additional cost of R400.00 Vat. Incl.
  • Call Centre Academy does not refund any amounts that have been paid for any of its modules irrespective of whether that payment was in part or full.
  • Management reserves the right to restrict entrance to the building.
  • All persons leaving and entering the building may be searched for security reasons.
  • You are required to bring your ID or passport when registering or collecting.
  • Once the trainee has successfully acquired their course certificate, 1 week probation is offered within one of our affiliated Call Centres.
  • Should the trainee have a satisfactory probation period; employment in this company could be offered.