About Us

  • Call Centre Academy was formed to provide the much needed skill sets to succeed in the call centre environment.

    Call Centre Academy is the training division of Live Wire Call Centre Solutions, a successful call centre company.

    In recent years the need for quality call centre consultants have increased exponentially, however, so has the required calibre level for the various positions on offer in the industry. The level of employment turn over in call centres are extremely high mainly due to the recruited consultants not being fully prepared with the proper skill sets to best suit their acquired positions. At Call Centre Academy we strive to bridge the gap between unskilled and under qualified South Africans to land themselves a position in this lucrative industry.

    The aim of the programme is to develop an understanding of the theory behind the provision of quality sales and service and how to implement this practically within the specific context of the call centre environment including:

    • The role of the call centre agents in the success of a company through quality sales

    • The role of the call centre and call centre agents in the provision of service to customers

    • Improving the performance of the staff in terms of service provision and providing quality interactions that lead to customer satisfaction.

    • Motivating staff to project the image of the organisation in all their dealings with customers.

    • Telephone etiquette and call handling skills

    • In the quest to retain existing customers and attract new customers the provision of superlative service in all aspects of a business is a key component. This specifically applies to call centre agents who are dealing with customers as this is often the first point of contact with the organisation. The delivery of a consistently high standard of telephonic service is required for differentiation from competitors.

    • In order to focus on service excellence, call centre agents and staff dealing directly with customers telephonically require training and up-skilling on the fundamentals of sales, customer service and call handling. These front–line staff require an understanding of the principles of customer care and what is required to ensure the consistent and ongoing delivery of sales and service that will continuously meet and exceed customer expectations. This involves instilling a culture of service excellence and promoting an environment that is professional and customer – oriented. 

    • To this end, staff dealing telephonically with customers require a training intervention that will not only equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver quality sales and service, but one that will motivate and inspire them to continue to be pro-active and conscientious in all their dealings with customers. Staff involved in interacting with customers require greater awareness of how their actions, behaviours and communication reflect the image of the company and play a major role in how the organisation is viewed as the first line of contact with customers.