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  • to Call Centre Academy!

    We have developed a comprehensive training course for anyone to acquire or further their call centre skill sets. The Call Centre Academy believes in Quality and Performance in all aspects of the Call Centre Industry, from training first-time consultants to senior staff.

    “Practice makes perfect” - this phrase might seem overused, but if the content of the information is delivered precisely and correctly, the trainee is more likely to utilise their new found skills with optimal effectiveness. The purpose of this programme is to equip agents with the skills, knowledge and behavioural attributes required to consistently deliver above average sales results and/or quality customer service in the call centre environment. The programme deals with the theory of Telesales, the principles and how to implement these practically in the work environment. 

    The correct telephone techniques and communication skills to use when dealing with people over the telephone are covered and delegates are provided with the opportunity to practice these in the specific context of their work environment through simulated role-plays. Delegates gain an understanding of the call centre environment, its operations, technology and processes and how to work effectively within this framework.

    At Call Centre Academy we strive to instil or enhance the fundamental attributes required to be an effective and productive member of any telesales company. We focus on developing Quality, Honesty, Integrity and Performance Delivery in ALL our trainees.

    This website will endeavour to give you a feel for the type of training that the Call Centre Academy is equipped to deliver to delegates looking to make their mark in the industry as well as existing Call Centre staff seeking to update their skill sets.